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Sentence Completion Test - 1

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

1. Although global environmental trends over the past few decades have generally not been favourable, ---------- .

a) the build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere would have been reduced
b) some positive developments are nevertheless beginning to emerge
c) they have inadvertently assumed responsibility for it
d) future generations would not have been deprived of the opportunity to support themselves
e) deforestation proved to be the lesser of the two evils

2. Isn't that the man ------------------ ?

a) which is responsible for the design of the botanical gardens
b) that he lost his temper
c) who have just returned from a business conference
d) if he knew how to negotiate such delicate matters
e) whose son has won a scholarship to pursue his graduate studies in the United States

3. Unemployment continued to rise during the first half of the decade, --------------- .

a) even if the workers could have received additional fringe benefits
b) as the rate of inflation will go up accordingly
c) while most companies would have been badly hit by the recession
d) but thereafter stabilized at about six per cent
e) despite the fact that the volume of exports cannot be increased

4. Even the chief engineer was impressed at the speed and efficiency --------- .

a) until more problems have appeared
b) that the project will be finished in time
c) whether the workers were prepared to go on strike
d) although some of the members have been warned earlier
e) with which the team worked

5. Cars entail a great many expenses, ------------- .

a) so long as one doesn't use them excessively
b) unless one could get a sufficient loan from the bank
c) in case a number of people cannot afford them
d) so it's worth thinking carefully before buying one
e) however essential they were thought to be in business life

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