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Analysis of GMAT-TOEFL-KPDS Restatement (Rephrasing) Exam Questions -1

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

1. The only thing I forgot to put in my case was the camera.

a) I didn’t forget to put the camera in my case.
b) The only thing in my case was the camera.
c) I put everything in my case including the camera.
d) In my case I put only my camera, not the other things.
e) I remembered to put everything in my case except the camera.

2. The police allege that Simpson killed his wife and her lover last year.

a) The police knew that Simpson killed his wife and her lover last year.
b) The police are sure that Simpson killed his wife and her lover last year.
c) Simpson is alleged to have killed his wife and her lover last year.
d) It is important to know that Simpson killed his wife and her lover last year.
e) Because of her lover Simpson killed his wife and her lover last year.

3. You cannot go into that restaurant without a jacket and tie.

a) It’s preferable to wear jacket and tie while you are going into that restaurant.
b) Unless you wear a jacket and tie, you cannot go into that restaurant.
c) If you want to go into that restaurant you have to wear a special tie and jacket.
d) When you wear a jacket but not a tie you can go into that restaurant.
e) It’s advisable to wear a jacket and tie when you go into that restaurant.

4. The horse has made a greater contribution to civilisation than any other animal.

a) No animal has played a larger role in man's social development than the horse.
b) Horses have been offering their assistance to man since the beginning of history.
c) Without horses, it is somewhat doubtful that civilisation would ever have happened.
d) Since the dawn of history, man has been exploiting the horse to a great extent.
e) Civilisations flourished thanks to many animals that helped man, one of which was the horse.

5. -I'm not so wide-awake as to start work in the morning until I've had my first cup of coffee.

a) It's only after I drink my first morning coffee that I feel sufficiently alert to start work.
b) I like to start the day with a cup of coffee because it aids to remove the drowsiness I feel in the mornings.
c) The only work I'd like to do in the early morning is to make myself a cup of coffee.
d) I have to work without drinking a few cups of coffee, I find it really difficult to concentrate on anything.
e) A few cups of coffee in the morning just before I start work help me feel better and work more efficiently.

Türkiye Özel

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