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English Grammar Tests

Some of the tests below are comment-provided. You can see all tips on how to solve the questions.

These free online grammar tests will test your knowledge of english tenses.

The tests are multiple choice so you only have to select the answer that you feel best fits the sentence. Click on the comment button to get a detailed explanation and tips to help you identify the correct answer.

Practice makes perfect. Attempt these English tests numerous times until you have learned the applicable rules for determining how to accurately solve the particular question

Sample TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, KPDS tense questions
Practice your test skills, see explanations..

Test questions for type 1, 2, 3 and mixed type.
We appreciate your effort for gmat review, sat prep.

Check to see whether your choice is correct...
Conditionals assessment test...
TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, KPDS introductory mini placement-test..
Follow your achievements...

Don't you think these questions should be easy?
for online degree, online mba degree, online degree program

Watch your improvement...
Reach a distance learning, accredited online mba program

An intermediate test on the Passive..
Check to see.....

Maximize your potential ...
All points asked...

Articles, quantifiers, modifiers ...
Have fun ...


  • Noun Clauses - R. Speech -1 (M. choice + Explained)
  • Noun Clauses - R. Speech -2 (Multiple choice)


  • All Conjunctions -1 (Multiple choice + Explained)
  • All Conjunctions -2 (Multiple choice)


  • Adjectives - Adverbs -1 (Multiple choice + Explained)
  • Adjectives - Adverbs -2 (Multiple choice)


  • Gerunds-Infinitives-Par. -1 (M. choice + Explained)
  • Gerunds-Infinitives-Par. -2 (Multiple choice)


  • Relative Clauses -1 (Multiple choice + Explained)
  • Relative Clauses -2 (Multiple choice)


  • Preps & Phrasal Verbs -1 (M. choice + Explained)

  • Türkiye Özel

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