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Test on Conditionals-1

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

1. If my application for the scholarship .........., I .......... my education in the States.

a) was accepted / can continue
b) has been accepted / have been continuing
c) had been accepted / could have continued
d) accepts / will have continued
e) will be accepted / will continue

2. I don't think that the meeting ....... so long as there ........ enough members.

a) could be held / aren't
b) had held / could be
c) will be held / won't be
d) is holding / will be
e) has been held / were

3. You ............ in such trouble if you ............. to my advice.

a) hadn't been / listened
b) aren't / will listen
c) wouldn't be / had listened
d) won't be / were listening
e) weren't / would have listened

4. You have to fill in those exercises ....... you want to perform poorly in the exam tomorrow.

a) if
b) in case
c) otherwise
d) unless
e) provided

5. If the experiment ............ successful at the first try, we ............. it again tomorrow.

a) must have been / won't have to perform
b) weren't / wouldn't have to perform
c) is / could have had to perform
d) should be / will have to perform
e) had been / wouldn't have to perform

Türkiye Özel
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