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Test on Determiners & Quantifiers -1

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

1. The strong storm continued for ...... the days we were there, but fortunately there wasn't ....... damage in the farm.

a) a lot of / many
b) all of / whole
c) most of / much
d) a great deal / enough
e) many / so much

2. ......... questions were asked in the in the interview and those ....... candidates who were able to answer 70 % of the questions were recruited.

a) A lot / some
b) Plenty of / whole
c) Few / plenty
d) Many / few
e) A great many / each

3. Had I had ....... more money on me, I could have bought ........ more post-cards.

a) a lot / few
b) much / a little
c) some / much
d) a good deal / much
e) a little / a few

4. ...... program has been arranged for this special tracking up to this date, but ........ them are suitable to carry out economically.

a) Many a / none of
b) Each / all of
c) Neither / both of
d) Either / few
e) Several / neither

5. Could you please call me ........ time as I am busy compiling sales reports at the moment.

a) the other
b) other
c) another
d) others
e) any others

Türkiye Özel
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