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Gerunds & Infinitives & Participles Test -2

Choose the correct answer!

1. He clearly remembers ....... by the window ........ the people outside rushing to their office.

A) having stood / watching
B) standing / to watch
C) to stand / having watched
D) stand / watch
E) to have stood / to watch

2. Meryem regrets ....... Semih ...... her homework. Now she is worried that she will get quite a low grade in today's quiz.

A) persuaded / to do
B) having persuaded / doing
C) being persuaded / to do
D) to persuade / doing
E) persuading / to do

3. We tried hard, and in the end, we were able to ...... Mehmet ...... us his car just for an hour

A) make / lending
B) force / lend
C) get / to lend
D) have / lent
E) let / lending

4. You don't have the right to blame me ....... this untimely arrival, I was completely busy ...... your business invitations.

A) with / typing
B) up / to type
C) on / in typing
D) for / typing
E) by / to type

5. I am not curious ............... the tricks of the business at all.

A) being told
B) to have told
C) telling
D) to be told
E) having told

6. The deadline was nearby, so Mrs. Sweth had her students ........ their essays.

A) complete
B) to complete
C) being completed
D) completed
E) completing

7. When his financial advisor revealed some facts on stock exchange market, he hesitated
........... investment, but after a short while he was resolute ....... steps towards investing his money in it.

A) to make / taking
B) make / taking
C) making / to take
D) to make / to take
E) to be investing / take

8. After introducing himself briefly, Mr. Sazlican went on ...... information on how ....... our market through effective advertising strategy.

A) to give / to expand
B) giving / to expand
C) being given / to expand
D) having given / having expanded
E) to give / expanding

9. We are planning ....... early tomorrow morning if nothing happens ....... us all.

A) in setting / to be hindered
B) to set / having hindered
C) setting / to hinder
D) on setting / to hinder
E) to set / for hindering

10. Mike is claimed ....... two thousand dollars ........ last week when he was in Las Vegas.

A) to spend / to gamble
B) spending / gambling
C) to have spent / gambling
D) having spent / to gamble
E) having spent / having gambled


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Türkiye Özel
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