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Gerunds & Infinitives & Participles Structure Test -1

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

1. The referee was about ...... the match due to some coins and plastic bottles thrown into the play-field, but neither team seemed willing ....... playing.

a) to postpone / to stop
b) postponing / stopped
c) to postpone / stopping
d) have postponed / to have stopped
e) being postponed / to stop

2. You say you allow ....... late to the dinner-table. I, on the contrary, do not permit any of my family members ...... late even a second.

a) to sit / to be
b) sitting / to be
c) having sat / being
d) to sit / to be
e) being sat / having been

3. Most teachers ...... in the internship seminars abroad resolve ..... at least a five-year teaching experience by working in a foreign culture.

a) to participate / to have
b) participating / to have had
c) having participated / having
d) participated / having
e) participating / to have

4. I do not think he'll tolerate not ......... for his opinions on what precautions should be taken ...... the likely crisis.

a) to ask / to prevent
b) being asked / preventing
c) to be asked / to prevent
d) asking / preventing
e) being asked / to prevent

5. There was no point ........ whether any more surveys should be applied for the future market of the product, which recorded a steady rise.

a) to hesitate
b) hesitating
c) of hasitating
d) in hesitating
e) for hesitating

Türkiye Özel
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