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Test on the English Tenses -1

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

1. Not again! This is the third time that I ....... my keys since I ........ home this morning.

a) am losing/was leaving
b) had lost/left
c) lose/had left
d) have lost/left
e) will lose/have left

2. He ......... of retiring until after he .......... enough to afford a life abroad after retirement.

a) hasn't thought/will save
b) isn't thinking/has been saving
c) won't think/is saving
d) doesn't think/has saved
e) didn't think/will have saved

3. For a year now, Mr. Harris .................. charity balls to collect money for the homeless.

a) had been organizing
b) was organizing
c) would be organizing
d) organized
e) has been organizing

4. By the time it ............ mid-summer, I ............... at this firm for about ten years.

a) was/could have worked
b) will be/will have worked
c) has been/will be working
d) would be/had worked
e) is/will have worked

5. When Bilal called me I ............. that we ............ fishing soon.

a) remembered/had gone
b) was remebering/would be going
c) remembered/ would go
d) remember/will be going
e) had remebered/will go

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