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"It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness." -- Seneca

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International Study Abroad Programs

Why Study Abroad?

Personal Enrichment – Unlike any other experience, studying abroad opens the way for personal growth. It will take you outside your current environment and challenge any preconceived notions you have about yourself and the world.

Cultural Awareness – The best way to understand the people, their values and traditions of another culture is to become involved in the local way of life. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to experience the similarities and differences of your own culture with that of your host country, and will help you gain a deeper appreciation for them both.

See the World – Studying abroad opens the door for you to travel and explore the world. From exploring the streets of your new environment to organized excursions and independent travel, you will see and discover something new around every corner.

Academic Credit – Getting ready for hardships of the real life is important. Studying abroad can complement your academic career by yielding the same amount of credit you would acquire while studying on your home campus.

Language Immersion – Studying abroad gives you the opportunity for 24/7 language immersion, the quickest and most effective way to learn and retain a new language. Beginners and proficient speakers alike will discover that language immersion helps improve and build on existing abilities.

Professional Edge – Studying abroad is an investment in your career development and will give you a tremendous edge in a competitive job market. With globalization and an increasingly diverse workforce, employers value individuals with an international background, who can demonstrate cross-cultural communication, understanding, and teamwork.


























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