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GMAT-TOEFL-SAT Sentence Completion
& Restatement Exam Questions

Please keep in mind that updated tests on sentence completion will take place here shortly.

English sentence completion questions can be very tricky to answer. It helps if you learn some of the basic rules to follow when answering these sentence completion questions so that you don't get caught out.

Each question requires you to select the word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Make sure you study the sentence carefully to look for the clues that are built in to help you make the correct selection.

After each selection you can review your answer by clicking on the comment button to see if your answer was correct. A detailed explanation will identify the sentence completion rule and help you to understand the correct answer.

Sentence Completion Tips

  1. Determine which word fits the best
  2. Study the sentence carefully and review your choices. Select the answer that best fits the context of the sentence.

  3. Transitional Words
  4. Transitional words tell you what is coming next. The author will either contrast or support something stated previously

  5. Apposition
  6. Apposition means placed next to one another. When there are no linking words between the phrases, such as and, for, yet, or because then the following phrase is probably appositional.

  7. Punctuation
  8. Whenever punctuation appears before the blank between two sentences look for a synonym of the word before the blank to determine the correct answer.

  9. Positive/Negative Flow
  10. Determine if the idea of the sentence is positive or negative by identifying the adjectives and adverbs in the sentence.

  11. Process of Elimination
  12. Eliminate all the answers that you know that are wrong leaving you with a reduced number of options to select from

Sample TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, KPDS Completion questions- comments provided
Practice your comprehension skills

Read our update notice. More completion tests will be added.
We appreciate your patience.

Read our update notice. More completion tests will be added.
We appreciate your patience.





















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