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Importance of English

English is a widespread and important language in the world today.

It is used for communicating educational thoughts, ideas, national and international advancement in education through international academic conferences, books and journals.

Generally English is studied as a foreign language in countries where it is not generally used as a medium of communication.

Whether you have been living in an English speaking country for a long time, or have just moved, learning a new language is never easy. It will take time and effort to learn these new skills.

Fortunately there are many online English courses like this one to help you overcome the challenges of learning english that will help you communicate clearly in your everyday activities. believes that through extensive coverage of English grammar rules, grammar & vocabulary exercises, cloze & reading comprehension and the use of free english tests you can prepare for, and pass the official language tests that will help you qualify for ESL, to attend business school or to secure employment overseas.

These english quizzes, tests and explanations will be of great help during the learning process and preparation for English language certification.

English As Second Language(ESL)

We hope those of you who are learning English as a second language will find these english tests and quizzes at useful as practice for the certification exam.

English Tests

The multiple-choice tests have been designed especially for beginners and students who are preparing for the TOEFL, GMAT, FCE and KPDS exams.

English tests are aimed at providing you with strategies and tips that are essential to fully comprehend exam questions.

English Test Navigation

English subject categories on the left are broken into English Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Close Test, Completion Restatement and an English practice test area.

Is this all? Of course not. To give you a clear understanding, we have presented an overview on how these free english tests can be useful to you:

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Learning English

English Language Tests

Benefits of Learning English

"Learn English online, complete your online education, and get certified to study or work abroad." This dream lies in the minds of many students learning English as a second language. Do you want to be one of these successful people?

Besides free english tests, we also offer:

Have fun answering our free english tests.

What Are Cloze Tests?

Cloze exercises test the readers knowledge and understanding of the reading process. Cloze tests consist of passages that have certain words removed from the text. The students use their reading comprehension skills, vocabulary and knowledge of the subject matter to fill in the missing words so that the passage makes sense. Cloze activities are great vocabulary builders.

English Grammar Trivia:

English is the official language of over 70 countries and considered to be the universal language for global business communication. For example, all pilots on international flights identify themselves in English regardless of their native country.

The English Grammar rule "i before e except after c" is useful to remember when deciding how to spell words like friend, believe, or grieve as opposed to words like receipt, ceiling and deceive. As with any rule there are some exceptions.

The first English dictionary was written in 1755.

Did you know the correct spelling for grammar is with "ar" on the end ... many use "er" because the sound is so similiar. This is a common english vocabulary typo FYI

Did you know that no word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver or purple?

Q: What is the difference between a cat and a complex sentence?

A: A cat has claws at the end of its paws and a complex sentence has a pause and the end of it clause.

Test Your English: Parts of Speech

Here is a fun way to memorize the parts of speech when learning the English language

Every name is called a NOUN,
As field and fountain, street and town;

In place of noun the PRONOUN stands,
As he and she can clap their hands;

The ADJECTIVE describes a thing,
As magic wand and bridal ring;

The VERB means action, something done,
To read and write, to jump and run;

How things are done, the ADVERBS tell,
As quickly, slowly, badly, well;

The PREPOSITION shows relation,
As in the street, or at the station;

CONJUNCTIONS join in many ways,
Sentences, words, or phrase and phrase;

The INTERJECTION cries out, Hey!
Send and exclamation mark my way!

Through poetry we learn how each
of these make up THE PARTS OF SPEECH

English Writing: Typing Tests

The pangram the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog is a sentence that uses all the letters of the English alphabet and comes in handy when practising your computer, mobile phone or ipad typing skills.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

When learning English as second language it is always wise to start off with the easy level of quizzes and practice worksheets. Experiment with different ESL activities; listen to the TV and radio talk shows, music, record your self speaking, read elementary story books, fairy tales, comic books from the library, make up note cards, play English games, find a practice buddy to help with your grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

English Language Strategies

Simple technique to learn from English comprehension worksheets, especially if you are struggling, is to print out the test page. Make notes on the sheet, take the time to look up the problem words and keep the sheet for reference. Then fill out your test answers using the online test page to get your worksheet results.

English Reading and Comprehension printable worksheets can be found at English Worksheets

English Second Language (ESL) Exams

When learning English there are short forms you will see for different types of tests and exams.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

Turkish Equivalent of the TOEFL exam named (KPDS)

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

First Certificate in English (FCE),

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