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How much of what you read do you really understand?

Our reading comprehension section provides you with a practice list of free "comprehension worksheets" and tests that will help you improve your level of English comprehension.


In your goal to improve your reading and comprehension, please check out our free comprehension reading worksheets, exercises and tests below.

Reading for comprehension passages, skills questions, practice exercises & strategies for improving your English reading with comprehension.

Improving your comprehension skills will enable you to:-


We challenge you to practice your reading comprehension on a regular basis using our sample worksheets, questions, passages and various tests. Good consistent reading comprehension strategies will develop your English comprehension and help you reach your reading goals faster.

Reading comprehension practice tests will be added on a regular basis so please book mark for future reference.

There is no better way to increase reading comprehension scores than to practice doing it. Becoming familiar with the types of questions asked will increase your speed and help you focus on those areas you need to work on most.

It is a good idea to read the whole passage first before attempting to answer any comprehension questions. An overall understanding of the passage will clarify the main subject area and avoid confusion.


Odd Sentence Practice Test 1

FCE, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, KPDS odd-sentence questions
Practice your reading analysis skills

Odd Sentence Practice Test 2 ** NEW **

Practice your reading analysis skills
Gmat review, gmat test prep..

Sample Completion Practice Test 1

TOEFL, SAT, GMAT Paragragh Completion
Practice your sentence completion skills

Sample Completion Practice Test 2 ** NEW **

Practice your reading analysis skills
Gmat review, gmat test prep..


Higher level of reading comprehension worksheets are available at TOEFL-GMAT READING COMPREHENSION EXAM QUESTION Work Sheets

Reading Comprehension Test 1

Sample GMAT, KPDS reading comprehension test-(with explanations)
Test your reading skills

Reading English Passage Test 2

GMAT, SAT, KPDS reading sample test
Test your reading skills

GMAT Reading Passage Test 3

Sample TOEFL, SAT reading comprehension passage
Test your reading skills

Sample TOEFL Reading Test 4

KPDS, GMAT Reading Test
Practice your reading skills

GMAT-SAT Reading Passage Test 5

FCE, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, KPDS reading questions
Practice your reading skills

Sample TOEFL-GMAT Reading Test 6 ** NEW **

TOEFL, GMAT Reading Comprehension Passage

Sample TOEFL-GMAT Reading Test 7 ** NEW **

KPDS, SAT, GMAT Reading Comprehension Passage
Practice your comprehension skills


Improve your reading comprehension, vocabulary and understanding by reading our english practice test questions out loud.

Consider the title, text and illustrations to predict what you think will happen.

Visualize while you read, by creating pictures in your mind, to help you comprehend the text.

Old tested method is to find an English language study buddy. Be it a friend, or an aquaintance, hopefully, who is further along in their knowledge and study of the English language.













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