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Reading Comprehension Quiz
Reading Passage 1

Read the passage below in blue, take your time. Then answer the three comprehension test questions.

Click on the phrase answers listed (a) to (e) you feel best answers the question.

For each test question, you will get an immediate answer right away, found in the comment box below each set of multiple choice answers, showing as "Correct or Incorrect".

Correct answer to the Reading Comprehension question along with an explanation about the correct answer, click on the "Comment" button under each question.

Practice and learn from these English comprehension questions.

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Reading Comprehension Paragraph

Research suggests that there are creatures that do not know what light means at the bottom of the sea. They don't have either eyes or ears; they can only feel. There is no day or night for them. There are no winters, no summers, no sun, no moon, and no stars. It is as if a child spent its life in darkness in bed, with nothing to see or hear. How different our own life is! Sight shows us the ground beneath our feet and the heavens above us - the sun, moon, and stars, shooting stars, lightning, and the sunset. It shows us day and night. We are able to hear voices, the sound of the sea, and music. We feel, we taste, we smell. How fortunate we are!

Reading Comprehension Question

1. Judging from the passage, we can say that this story is mainly about ............ .

a) life of sea creatures at the bottom of the sea
b) how changes in the seasons are perceived by the deep-sea creatures
c) how wonderful our lives were and will be
d) the differences among creatures of the earth and those of the sea
e) the superiority of human beings over some creatures in terms of senses

Reading Comprehension Question

2. We discover that the sea creatures in the story ................ .

a) have the same senses that we do
b) have no sense of hearing as well as sight
c) hear the sounds of the ocean
d) live in darkness because no light reaches to the bottom
e) do not hear the sound of sea as they are accustomed to it

Reading Comprehension Question

3. In the passage a child in darkness is likened to ................ .

a) someone who lives where there are no seasons
b) an animal without the sense of touch
c) a sea creature with no seeing or hearing ability
d) a deaf child unaffected by the environment
e) a perfect sleeper, for there is no sound around to hear

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