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Reading Passage 2

Read the passage below in blue, take your time. Then answer the three comprehension test questions.

Click on the phrase answers listed (a) to (e) you feel best answers the question.

For each test question, you will get an immediate answer right away, found in the comment box below each set of multiple choice answers. Answer will show as "Correct or Incorrect".

Expand the correct answer to the reading comprehension question and provide with better an explanation about the correct answer, click on the "Comment" button under each question.

Practice and learn from these English comprehension questions.

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Reading Comprehension Paragraph

Official records state that the Pueblo Indians lived in New Mexico and Arizona. The word "Pueblo" comes from the Spanish word "pueblo," meaning town or village. The Spaniards found these Indians living in apartment houses, some of them on the side of a cliff in order that they could be reached only by ladders. Whenever they were attacked by Apaches, the Pueblos would pull up the ladders. They grew corn, which they watered with water flowing down in ditches. They wove cloth, made wonderful baskets, and created jars and pots out of clay proving how skilful they were at hand-craft.

Reading Comprehension Question

1. From the passage we understand that the Pueblo Indians were afraid of ............. .

a) cliff dwelling
b) Apache Indians
c) apartment houses
d) water flowing down in ditches
e) solitary life

Reading Comprehension Question

2. Why the Spaniards called these Indians "Pueblos" is because they ................ .

a) were close to the Apaches
b) lived together in a town or village
c) farmed and brought down water in ditches
d) pulled up their ladders when attacked
e) achieved fame thanks to their hand-craft

Reading Comprehension Question

3. The Pueblo Indians lived on the side of a cliff ................ .

a) although they had apartment houses
b) to observe the stars in the sky for rain season
c) so that they could provide themselves with shelters
d) and, the didn't have a lake, a stream, or a pond
e) as long as they were all together

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