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Sample Cloze Worksheet

Cloze Paragraph Passage Test: Select the correct answer from the corresponding group of answer choices to the five "fill in the blank" cloze questions?

Talke your time and read the data entry business passage carefully. Then select the word answers listed (a) to (e) which you feel best "fills in the blank" ... space.

Answer the 5 test questions, and below click on "Grade Test" you will get an immediate online answer right away. Included in the answer box are the correct cloze multiple choice answers.

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Cloze Practice Paragraph

Starting a (1) ......... data entry business is easier than trying to work from job to job. Having a business means that people will come to your business whenever they need a service you (2) ........ . This also means that instead of having to always (3) ......... for jobs on freelancing websites, you will be able to have clients come to you as needed. One important thing to (4) ......... when starting a data entry business is that customer service is really important. It's hard to get anywhere in the data entry field if you don't provide your customers with all the services they need. It's important that you take your time to really care for your customers completely. Once you are ready to start your data entry business it's time to start building a great team. You want to have a team that can do a (5) ......... range of tasks so that your business can fill customer's needs. You want to always test your team before giving them the task of working with a client.


A. complete
B. half complete
C. blank
D. intact
E. enhaustive


A. bid
B. advance
C. refuse
D. offer
E. pitch


A. assign
B. apply
C. after
D. appeal
E. demand


A. forgive
B. remember
C. discount
D. fail
E. forget


A. narrow
B. broad
C. wide
D. open
E. restricted

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