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Sample Paragraph Completion Activity -1

Complete the reading texts below.

The purpose of the proposed law requiring a doctor's prescription for obtaining hypodermic needles is to lower the incidence of drug-related deaths, both accidental and intentional, involving hypodermic needles. ..........................; yet everyone would agree that imposing legal restrictions on obtaining knitting needles would be preposterous. Hence the proposed law involving hypodermic makes no sense and should not be enacted.

A. Knitting needles were known to cause injury and death
B. The benefits of hypodermic needles outweigh those of knitting needles
C. But even knitting needles can be lethal if they fall into the wrong hands
D. The proposed law could not be effectively enforced
E. Knitting needles are not readily available to anybody who wants to obtain them

From bones found in the United States we have learned that many, many animals no longer found in the world once made their homes here. ............................... Sometimes, workers find their bones in pits from which rock and coal have been dug. Other workers who make way for railroad tracks and workers who dig pits for the basements of new buildings sometimes uncover them. Nowadays, scientists know where to look for them.

A. A very large horse used to reside in what is now the United States
B. How workers uncovered bones of extinct animals is important
C. Huge fishes and enormous reptiles swam in the water
D. Bones of extinct animals could have been found only by experts
E. We say that these animals are extinct

In the days of Christopher Columbus, people in Europe traded goods with India. The goods were carried along paths or roads from one country to another. However, no person from Europe had ever reached India by ship. After Columbus found what he thought was India by going west, people in Europe wanted to try to reach India by going east. .............................. . His sailors were just as afraid to go into open ocean as were Columbus' sailors, but Vasco da Gama insisted, and, sure enough, they found a sea route to India. They found it by sailing around the south end of Africa.

A. Columbus and Vasco da Gama were very alike
B. The first sea captain to do this was Vasco da Gama
C. When Gama reached there, they received a hostile reaction from local people
D. Finding a way to get to India by ship was Gama's dream
E. Vasco da Gama found the route to India by ship by going west.

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