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Reading Comprehension Quiz
Reading Passage 4

Read the passage below in blue, take your time. Then answer the three comprehension test questions.

For each multiple choice question select the answer from (a) to (e) that you feel best answers the question.

When you have answered each test question to the best of your ability go to the bottom of the page and click on "Grade Test" to see your score.

You will find the correct answers given in the box below. If you would like to try the test again, click "Clear All" to repeat the test.

Practice and learn from these English comprehension questions.

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Reading Comprehension Paragraph

Have you ever wondered whether fish drink or not? All living things must drink, and they require a fresh supply of water. A person can go without food for many days, but he or she cannot go for long without water. Fish drink, and fish that live in salt water must drink salt water. However, when we watch them in an aquarium and see them opening and closing their mouths, we must not assume that they are drinking. Fish need water for its oxygen. The water that they seem to be gulping gives them oxygen, which is in the water. On the other hand, when a fish drinks, it swallows water, just the way we do.

Reading Comprehension Question

1. It is stated in the passage that a fish opens and closes its mouth .............. .

A. in order to get oxygen
B. so as to gulp
C. to drink to stay alive
D. to swim in an aquarium.
E. so that it can suffice salt

Reading Comprehension Question

2. We are informed by the passage that a person ................... .

A. can live for a long time without water
B. can live for a long time without food
C. has no need for food and water
D. has no need for a fresh supply of water
E. does need water to get oxygen

Reading Comprehension Question

3. When a fish drinks water, ............................ .

A. it requires fresh water
B. it swallows water just like us
C. it requires salt water
D. it drinks water for its oxygen
E. it stays motionless for a while to swallow





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