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Sample Paragragh Completion Activity -2

Complete the gaps in the reading passages in accordance wtih meaning.

1. The object of the air traffic control officers is to achieve the highest densities in all parts of the controlled air space that is consistent with safety and the elimination of collision risk. ---------. The amounts of the separation are partly dependent upon the means available for determining accurately the position and course of the various aircraft.

A. For purposes of air traffic control, air space is divided and then subdivided
B. TMilitary aviation originally held itself outside any air traffic control but for a long time now this has not been practicable
C. They, therefore. direct the captains of aircraft so as to maintain adequate vertical and horizontal separation between aircraft
D. As these are within controlled air space a pilot intending to fly along them must file a flight plan
E. The “flight progress strip" gives an indication of what is happening to any aircraft in the area

2. Thermal insulation is concerned with the problem of reducing the transfer of heat from one place to another and depends upon the thermal resistance of the insulating medium. --------- . However, this is not very satisfactory in an ordinary air space because radiation is also involved in the transfer of heat.

A. Since air is a very poor conductor, an air gap, narrow enough to minimize convection, may be used for insulation
B. Thermal conductivity is a term that is only strictly applicable to homogeneous materials
C. In general, the lighter the material per unit volume, the greater its insulating value per unit thickness
D. The vertical air spaces used in insulating buildings are actually only about one third as thick
E. The optimum thickness must also be chosen to avoid condensation of moisture inside the walls

3. In 1746 a group of London publishers commissioned Samuel Johnson to compile an English dictionary. Johnson was pleased with the commission and hoped to finish it within three years. ____ . For a work of such quality, however, nine years was not really very long, especially when we remember how much of the work was his alone. They found it by sailing around the south end of Africa.

A. It didn't take him as long as this
B. Actually, though, it took him nine years
C. There were six people to help him
D. Another dictionary was published in the next century
E. Many words have changed in meaning since Johnson's day

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