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Cloze Test

Cloze Paragraph Passage Test: Select the correct choices to the five "fill in the blank" questions?

Read the passage carefully and take you time, as there is no limit. Then select the phrase answers listed (a) to (e) which you feel best "fills in the blank" ... space.

Answer the 5 test questions, and below click on "Grade Test" you will get an immediate answer right away. Included in the answer box are the correct multiple choice answers.

Try the SAMPLE CLOZE TEST again, just click on the "Clear All" button to start oveer and better your score.

Practice, learn and master these cloze type English test questions.

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Cloze Practice Paragraph

In summer people (1) ......... to grill because the sun is high and the days are much longer. Grill safety is an important element to having a great grill party. There are many important (2) ........ . to remember. The first is (3) ......... a grill that is safe and will last at long time outdoors. Buying a grill can be a challenging but it can also be fun. There are gas grills and charcoal grills as well. For safety, be sure to keep all the grill supplies away from children if you get a charcoal or a gas grill. Gas grills (4) ......... cost more money over time since you need to buy more gas. The food made with a gas grill also has a different flavor. The good news is that many modern grills work both with charcoal or gas! The second factor is to make sure you have cleaning supplies and the right tools for your grill. You should have (5) ......... tools that keep your hands and arms safe from getting burnt. You should also have supplies that allow you to keep your grill clean after use. This summer, enjoy grilling with safety and fun.


A. hate
B. enjoy
C. love
D. passionate
E. loathe


A. goodies
B. particular
C. influence
D. factors
E. aid


A. getting
B. losing
C. grab
D. get
E. acquire


A. largely
B. normally
C. never
D. exactly
E. seldom


A. the common
B. silly
C. the wrong
D. the incorrect
E. the right

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