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Cloze Paragraph Passage Test: Select the correct choices to the five "fill in the blank" questions?

Read the passage carefully. Then select the phrase answers listed (a) to (e) which you feel best "fills in the blank" ... space.

Answer the 5 test questions, and below click on "Grade Test" you will get an immediate answer right away. Included in the answer box are the correct multiple choice answers.

Try the SAMPLE CLOZE TEST again, just click on the "Clear All" button to start oveer and better your score.

Practice, learn and master these cloze type English test questions.

Don't forget to explore grammer quizes, cloze and english subjects found on the right English Class Menu.

Cloze Practice Paragraph

Can we see (1) ......... the earth is a globe? Yes, we can, when we watch a ship that sails out to sea. If we watch closely, we see that the ship begins (2) ........ . The bottom of the ship disappears first, and then the ship seems to sink lower and lower, (3) ......... we can only see the top of the ship, and then we see nothing at all. What is hiding the ship from us? It is the earth. Stick a pin most of the way into an orange, and (4) ......... turn the orange away from you. You will see the pin disappear, (5) ......... a ship does on the earth.


A. if
B. where
C. that
D. whether
E. when


A. being disappeared
B. to be disappeared
C. to have disappeared
D. to disappear
E. having disappeared


A. until
B. since
C. after
D. by the time
E. unless


A. reluctantly
B. accidentally
C. slowly
D. passionately
E. carefully


A. the same
B. alike
C. just as
D. by the way
E. similar to

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