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After months of colder weather, the days get longer, the buds (1) ............ in the trees, birds sing, and the world (2) ............ a green dress. Spring passes (3) ............ summer. Everyone knows that summer will not (4) ............ . The power of all the wisest men and women in the world cannot keep it for us. The corn becomes ripe, the leaves turn brown and then drop to the ground, (5) ............ the world changes its green dress for a dress of autumn colors.


A. fall off
B. take up
C. put off
D. come out
E. bring down


A. looks after
B. puts on
C. carries on
D. comes round
E. deals with


A. into
B. by
C. from
D. on
E. out of


A. forego
B. evaluate
C. succumb
D. last
E. evolve


A. yet
B. therefore
C. since
D. whereas
E. and











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