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Test on Modals -1

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

1. A few of the boys started the race without enough warm-up. They ... like that as they had muscle disturbance after the race.

a) couldn't have begun
b) mustn't begin
c) may not have begun
d) had better not begin
e) shouldn't have begun

2. When I looked at my watch some time ago, it was 12:15. Now it is still 12:15. It ....... .

a) should have broken
b) must be breaking
c) ought to be broken
d) must have broken
e) needn't have broken

3. Selim usually keeps the lights on, but now they are off. He ...... at home.

a) didn't have to be
b) must not be
c) would rather not be
d) isn't allowed to be
e) needn't be

4. Harrison was trying to repair the copying machine, but he was very desperate. Now, it seems that he .... it as it is working.

a) could repair
b) might be repairing
c) was able to repair
d) would repair
e) will have repaired

5. When I got stuck to traffic jam this morning, I got off the bus and .... to catch my first class.

a) have had to run
b) could have run
c) should have run
d) had to run
e) might be running

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