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Test on the English Tenses -2

Choose the correct answer!

1. Scientists ..... hard to find a new and effective treatment which ..... most-scared diseases.

A) have been struggling / will cure
B) struggled / had been curing
C) will struggle / have cured
D) are struggling / are being cured
E) have struggled / were curing

2. In two years, many of our school friends ....., and then we ..... no hardship in keeping our international business going.

A) graduated / had had
B) are graduating / have had
C) have graduated / will have
D) graduate / would have
E) will graduate / will have

3. The girls ...... a game called 'bomb' for almost ten minutes when the teacher suddenly ..... the classroom.

A) have played / will enter
B) were playing / entered
C) are playing / comes
D) had been playing / entered
E) played / was entering

4. It is five months since we ....... over this company.

A) have taken
B) had taken
C) will take
D) are taking
E) were taking

5. When I .... into him on the street, he said he .... abroad for business affairs that evening.

A) ran / was going
B) will run / would go
C) had run / is going
D) have run / will be going
E) ran / will go

6. The government ..... action into increasing taxes as soon as they ..... by the IMF authorities.

A) takes /will be urged
B) took / had been urged
C) is taking / have been urged
D) had taken /were urged
E) will take / have urged

7. Don't you think it .... time we ..... typing the report.

A) has been / have started
B) is / started
C) will be / are starting
D) was / started
E) would be / had started

8. China ...... greatly in terms of its cultural values over the past five years.

A) changed
B) is changing
C) has changed
D) will have changed
E) had changed

9. I feel lucky to have found a well-paid job on time, otherwise ...... for a job now.

A) will be looking
B) have looked
C) am looking
D) would be looking
E) were looking

10. I ..... quite a low grade in the English exam, so I ..... harder and harder.

A) have got / was studying
B) got / am studying
C) will get / have studied
D) get / will have studied
E) had got / will study


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Türkiye Özel
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