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Conditionals Test -2

Choose the correct answer!

1. Mustafa ........ the most successful in the writing contest, but he ....... the deadline to hand in his essay.

A) could have proven / missed
B) proved / was missing
C) will prove / has missed
D) would have been proven / had missed
E) can prove / won't have missed

2. If I ......... Mary last night, I ........ her to bring my cd today.

A) saw / would remind
B) was seeing / could have reminded
C) had seen / would have reminded
D) were to see / would be reminding
E) must have seen / had reminded

3. Should I not pay for my electricity bill tomorrow, they ........ my energy any time.

A) were cutting
B) will have cut
C) would cut
D) may cut
E) could have cut

4. I ...... an extra pencil in case ........ it in the exam.

A) have taken / will need
B) took / might need
C) am taking / needed
D) had taken / had needed
E) was taking / would have needed

5. There ........ such a big accident if the roads ......... icy.

A) may not be / won't be
B) weren't / haven't been
C) won't be / aren't going to be
D) might not have been / aren't
E) wouldn't have been / weren't

6. The traffic this morning ....... into jam if the bus ........ the lorry.

A) hadn't turned / could avoid
B) should have turned / didn't avoid
C) wouldn't have turned / could have avoided
D) must not have turned / avoided
E) might have turned / wouldn't avoid

7. Negotiations almost came to a halt. If both sides ....... more flexible and considerate for the other, a solution to the border problem ......... .

A) were / could be found
B) are / will be found
C) had been / could have found
D) would be / had been found
E) could have been / could have been found

8. We ....... the evening news all the time if it ......... so saddening.

A) would have watched / weren't
B) would watch / weren't
C) had watched / hadn't been
D) will watch / wouldn't be
E) could have watched / wouldn't have been

9. I will feel lucky if ....... a well-paid job during this crisis.

A) can find
B) must find
C) am finding
D) could have found
E) will find

10. It seems that few businessmen participated in the charity ball for the street children; otherwise, more money ........... .

A) had been raised
B) was being raised
C) could have raised
D) might have been raising
E) would have been raised


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Türkiye Özel
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