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Modal Verbs Test-2

Choose the correct answer!

1. I ...... the responsibility of looking after my younger brothers when my parents went out.

A) should get
B) am used to getting
C) would have gotten
D) could be getting
E) would get

2. Oh no! We have no gas. Murat ...... to fill the tank.

A) could have forgotten
B) should have forgotten
C) must have forgotten
D) is supposed to have forgotten
E) would have forgotten

3. Televisions were on sale yesterday and we ...... one in very reasonable installments.

A) should buy
B) couldn't have bought
C) don't have to buy
D) were able to buy
E) had better buy

4. As they have had many lessons, Medya and Pervin ....... Italian without a problem.

A) might have spoken
B) have had to speak
C) can speak
D) will be spoken
E) would be speaking

5. Esma and Zehra ......... their homework today because it is a holiday at the school due to heavy snow.

A) don't need to do
B) couldn't have done
C) had already done
D) ought not to do
E) would rather have done

6. I ......... your laptop next week because I have a very important presentation.

A) should be taken
B) may have to take
C) must have been taking
D) could have taken
E) am to have taken

7. I enjoyed the party. Still, I'd rather .......... to the theater.

A) to be going
B) go
C) having gone
D) had gone
E) have gone

8. He ......... this crime. He was with me all the night.

A) can't be committing
B) must have committed
C) had committed
D) should not commit
E) couldn't have committed

9. It is dangerous to be outside at this late hour. Somebody ......... you!

A) might hurt
B) is hurting
C) could have hurt
D) would be hurting
E) should hurt

10. It is defined in the constitution that all citizens ........ their taxes.

A) have had to pay
B) should be paid
C) have to pay
D) must be paying
E) needn't pay


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Türkiye Özel
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