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Answer the questions. Click the "Comment" buttun for tips and clues.

A century ago the process of choosing a career was a much simpler matter than it is today. A boy often followed in his father's footsteps. His sister learned the household skills that (1) ----- her to become a wife and mother. Nowadays young people grow up in a much freer society (2) ----- they enjoy almost unlimited career opportunities. In recent years there (3) ----- an enormous increase in the kinds of vocations from which it is possible to choose. In addition, many of the barriers to career opportunity that existed only a few decades ago, such as (4) ----- based on sex or religion or ethnic origins, are (5) ----- disappearing.

-Choose the best choice for number (1).

a) had prepared
b) may prepare
c) was prepared
d) would prepare
e) preparing

-Choose the best choice for number (2).

a) where
b) when
c) why
d) whom
e) whose

-Choose the best choice for number (3).

a) had been
b) has been
c) will be
d) would have been
e) was

-Choose the best choice for number (4).

a) judgment
b) perception
c) goodwill
d) devotion
e) discrimination

-Choose the best choice for number (5).

a) rapidly
b) incessantly
c) categorically
d) vigilantly
e) straightforwardly

Türkiye Özel

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