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Reading Comprehension Tests - 2

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button under each question.

Reading Comprehension Paragraph

Genetics is the study of mechanisms of the hereditary process. Modern genetics began with the experiments of Gregor Mendel in 1865. He studied the inheritance of different factors in peas, and found that some traits were "dominant" and some "recessive", the "dominant" appearing in a ratio of very nearly three to one. Mendels results were ignored for many years until their discovery at the beginning of the twentieth century .

1. . According to the passage .......................... .

a) the results of Mendel's experiments were immediately put into practise
b) the purpose of Mendel's experiments was primarily agricultural
c) genetics is essentially concerned with heredity
d) modern genetics owes very little to Mendel's experiments
e) the mechanisms of heredity were known prior to Mendel

2. Clearly, in the field of genetics, ............................ .

a) certain traits have been given too much importance
b) the 20th century has contributed very little
c) Mendel's experiments have received and used attention
d) Mendel is the pioneer
e) new dominant and recessive traits are constantly being discovered

3. Mendel discovered that ......................... .

a) recessive traits exceeded the dominant ones
b) in peas, dominant traits appear in a ratio of three to one
c) in peas, nearly one-third of the traits were dominant
d) by 1865 the theory of heredity had been convincingly formulated
e) genetics was becoming a popular science

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