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Reading Comprehension Questions - 1

Reading Comprehension and Exam Questions with Tips and Clues. Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

English Reading Comprehension

Once the leaders of the rebellion were executed or dispersed, the British Government admitted its previous errors - tacitly, of course - and sought to rectify old wrongs. King George III, who had complained that he would go mad if his American colonies were lost, regained his spirits and proved surprisingly forgiving. No more than a third of the colonists had supported the insurrection, in any event, and six years of bloodshed and hardship that followed were quickly forgotten in the era of good feeling after the war. The colonies were placed under a unified government for the first time, and a new capital was established across the East River from Manhattan, in the fertile fields of the Brooklyn.

1. The passage states that the British government ............. .

a) was punished by the leaders of the rebellion
b) in a way, apologised for its former mistakes after the rebellion was over
c) agreed to release the rebels from the prison
d) was supported by the majority of the colonies
e) threatened the people in the colonies and this led to the rebellion

2. It's clear from the passage that ....................... .

a) King George was put in a mental hospital when the American colonies rebelled
b) one third of the colonists were killed in the attempted rebellion
c) after the revolt, the king was not as angry as people had expected
d) the rebels were successful in their attempt to gain power
e) the colonist rebels became more popular with their supporters

3. After the war, ............................... .

a) a single government was formed to unite the colonies
b) the clan fighting and rations continued for yet another six years
c) most colonists were still not happy about their position
d) the colonies were full of hatred because of the previous years of death and misery
e) many colonists moved to Brooklyn and became farmers

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