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Cloze Test Quiz - 1

Answer the questions. Click the "Comment" button for tips and clues.

Throughout the ages, birds have been a source of wonder to all who have (1) ----- their soaring flight or listened to their sweet song. (2) ----- a group, birds are (3) ----- they are the only animals covered (4) ----- feathers. This evolutionary development (5) ----- birds from all other animals.

-Choose the best choice for number (1).

a) verified
b) supported
c) claimed
d) observed
e) warned

-Choose the best choice for number (2).

a) Like
b) Just
c) Still
d) Another
e) As

-Choose the best choice for number (3).

a) unique
b) common
c) mundane
d) indifferent
e) mediocre

-Choose the best choice for number (4).

a) by
b) on
c) with
d) as
e) into

-Choose the best choice for number (5).

a) has been separated
b) separates
c) separated
d) was separated
e) separating

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