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Answer the questions. Click the "Comment" buttun for tips and clues.

(1) ----- people breathe, pollutants in the air (2) ----- in the lungs or absorbed into the body. And polluted air can harm animals and plants (3) ----- people. For this reason, our air supply should be (4) ----- watched and managed to assure (5) ----- good quality.

-Choose the best choice for number(1).

a) When
b) Until
c) During
d) If
e) Just as

-Choose the best choice for number (2).

a) have deposited
b) are depositing
c) had to be deposited
d) will have deposited
e) may be deposited

-Choose the best choice for number (3) .

a) as well as
b) in addition
c) even if
d) in spite of
e) supposing

-Choose the best choice for number (4).

a) alternately
b) previously
c) hastily
d) closely
e) furtively

-Choose the best choice for number (5).

a) them
b) its
c) his
d) theirs
e) it

Türkiye Özel

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