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Paragraph Completion Practice - 2

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

Paragraph Completion Passage 1

Wages and salaries are usually paid in regular weekly or monthly instalments. However, one's expenses are normally much less regular. Bills often arrive irregularly and are usually to be paid immediately. .................. .

1. Which of the following is most appropriate for the gap in the passage?

a) It is dangerous to spend more than one earns
b) Similarly, preparing an annual budget has a number of disadvantages.
c) Of course, much of this expenditure was almost unavoidable
d) Therefore, some form of financial planning is needed
e) Unfortunately, many people are unable to make a decent living

Paragraph Completion Passage 2

Michelangelo did not like to delegate work to the students in his studio, though at that time the studios of the great masters of one age were the training ground for those of the next. ............... . Another was that Michelangelo left a lot of unfinished works.

2. Which of the following is most appropriate for the gap in the passage?

a) One of his biographers has criticised
b) It has been suggested that Michelangelo was jealous of talent in others
c) Michelangelo was ambitious, and was satisfied with nothing short of perfection
d) Michelangelo enjoyed enormous prestige even in his own day
e) One result of this practice of his was that no great artist emerged from Michelangelo's studio

Paragraph Completion Passage 3

Deserts are vast , barren, rocky and sandy wastes where there is almost no rainfall and little or no vegetation. .............. . In fact, Europe is the only continent without a desert. Among the most famous deserts in the world as the Sahara, the Gobi and the Kalahari.

3. Which of the following is most appropriate for the gap in the passage?

a) Such regions are found in the interior of Africa, Asia, North America and Australia
b) Another major problem is the sand storm
c) Moreover, many people have lost their lives trying to cross the desert
d) It is, of course, very costly to reclaim desert land in this bay
e) The United Nations has financed various projects for the irrigation of deserts

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