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Reading Comprehension Test - 3

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button under each question.

Reading Comprehension Paragraph

Any criminal justice system is an apparatus that society uses to enforce the standards of conduct necessary to protect individuals and the community. It operates by apprehending, prosecuting , convicting, sentencing these members of the community who violate the basic rules of group existence. The action taken against lawbreakers is designed to serve three purposes beyond the immediately punitive one. It removes dangerous people from the community; it deters others from criminal behaviour and it gives society an oppurtunity to attempt to transform lawbreakers into law-abiding citizens.

1. We understand from the passage that the basic aim of criminal justice is .............. .

a) the protection of society and its individuals
b) to define socially acceptable behaviour
c) to educate lawbreakers
d) the violation of the law
e) to renew, as necessary, the traditions and customs of society

2. According to the passage, prosecution is ...................... .

a) a process which follows conviction
b) concerned with the transformation of criminal justice
c) not to be considered a vital part of the criminal justice system
d) actually the removal of lawbreakers from the community
e) one of the stages in the operation of criminal justice

3. It is pointed out in the passage that one of the effects of the criminal justice system is to ............. .

a) give guidelines for group existence
b) discourage crime
c) prevent the enforcement of capital punishment
d) take immediate action against the community
e) investigate the reasons behind criminal behaviour

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