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English Vocabulary Test - 2

1. Air pollution is obviously one of the major ......... of city life.

a) references
b) disadvantages
c) attempts
d) definitions
e) expressions

2. The lawyer submitted to the court several documents to .......... his point of view

a) support
b) overcome
c) refrain
d) improve
e) alienate

3. The latest figures concerning the company's sales are certainly very .......... .

a) determined
b) intensive
c) emphatic
d) reluctant
e) disturbing

4. On Tuesday, I'll be able to let you know ......... how many people will be attending the conference.

a) mostly
b) fortunately
c) comparatively
d) precisely
e) immensely

5. From the evidence, it seems pretty obvious that someone ......... the office sometime during the night.

a) found out
b) took after
c) broke into
d) made out
e) ran up

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