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English Tenses Free Practice Test with Exam Tips -2

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

1. This is not a new theory; quite a lot of scientists --------- on it for several decades.

a) would have worked
b) had worked
c) have been working
d) would work
e) have to work

2. Unfortunately there was an electricity cut just as we -------- the new computer.

a) are installing
b) would install
c) have installed
d) were installing
e) have been installing

3. Before I read Freud, I -------- dreams were of so much significance.

a) wouldn't think
b) haven't thought
c) won't think
d) wouldn't have thought
e) didn't think

4. The committee ------- the question for nearly an hour, and still hasn't come to a decision.

a) has been discussing
b) had discussed
c) will discuss
d) is discussing
e) would discuss

5. Towards the end of the 15th century, many political and social changes ------ in Europe, which ----- all countries profoundly.

a) had been occurring / had affected
b) were occurring / have affected
c) have occurred / will affect
d) had occurred / would affect
e) occured / affected

Türkiye Özel

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