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Cloze Test Quiz - 3

Answer the questions. Click the "Comment" button for tips and clues.

It (1) ----- that policing in the future will be (2) ----- more different than it is today. Advances in technology— (3) ----- in computers, television, and communication—will assist the police in solving and preventing crimes. Advances in forensic science (4) ----- evidence more reliable and meaningful. All of these changes will be for the better if they help (5) ----- the quality of police service.

-Choose the best choice for number (1).

a) predicted
b) has predicted
c) is predicted
d) was predicting
e) would predict

-Choose the best choice for number (2).

a) any
b) some
c) such
d) much
e) so

-Choose the best choice for number (3).

a) particularly
b) placidly
c) roughly
d) widely
e) profoundly

-Choose the best choice for number (4).

a) had to make
b) would be made
c) has made
d) is to make
e) should make

-Choose the best choice for number (5).

a) improving
b) be improved
c) to improve
d) have improved
e) to be improved

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