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English Tenses 1

English Tenses: Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

English Tenses: Question 1

1. For a hundred years or so, some critics ------- that poetry is dying and all that time poets ------- poems that later generations recognise as great.

a) have maintained / have been writing
b) had maintained / were writing
c) maintained / wrote
d) would maintain / had been writing
e) maintain / are writing

English Tenses: Question 2

2. What I ------- is that we ------- to think seriously about a thorough reform in the legal system.

a) proposed / had begun
b) was proposing / have begun
c) am proposing / begin
d) had proposed / were beginning
e) have proposed / should have begun

English Tenses: Question 3

3. When the Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli ----- a map of Mars in 1877, he ----- a large number of straight linear features, which he called "canali" that is "channels".

a) publishes / has noted
b) had published / was noting
c) has published / notes
d) published / noted
e) would have published / had noted

English Tenses: Question 4

4. The report presents a general overview of the problems that ------- when a disaster
------ nation.

a) will be encountered / hits
b) had been encountered / was being hit
c) have been encountered / had hit
d) are encountered / will hit
e) would have been encountered / will hit

English Tenses: Question 5

5. There have been some art critics who ------- in depreciation of Van Gogh that he ------- a draughtsman all his life.

a) had maintained / has remained
b) have maintained / remained
c) were maintaining / had remained
d) maintained / would have remained
e) will maintain / remains

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