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Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz

Fill in the spaces according to subject-verb agreement.
1- All the milk in the fridge gone sour.    (Present Perf.)

2- Maths difficult to understand.    (S. Present)

3- Each of the boys given a book.   (S.Past)

4- Our furniture too old to use.    (S. Present)

5- Some of the students in my class trying hard to be successful.    (Past. Cont.)

6- Thirty percent of the money been spent on education.    (Present Perf.)

7- One-fourth of the cassettes discarded.    (S. Past)

8- Twenty minutes not enough for me to answer the questions.   (S. Present)

9- Every student and teacher ready at the conference.    (S. Past)

10- Economics not appeal to me at all.    (S. Present)

11- The blind able to read by using a special alphabet.    (S. Present)

12- Five dollars what I need now.    (S .Present)

13- Behind the clouds a hot sun.    (S.Past)

14- France, together with another two countries, attending the conference on world-peace.    (Present Cont.)

15- His method of dealing with problems really appreciated by many people.
 (S. Present)

16- Neither George, nor his friends going to join in the party.    (Future)

17- Both Helen and Natalia paying us a visit tomorrow.    (Present Cont.)

18- Mike's opinions of the software been of great importance to us.    (Pres. Perf.)

Türkiye Özel

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