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Quiz on Relative Clause

Fill in the gaps using relative clause patterns.
(Sometimes that = which)

1- Her mother, you never met, is interested in detective novels.

2- Roses, for all women have a liking, smell very nice.

3- Hasan is the person the manager wants to see.

4- Hemmingway, novels are still very popular, led a painful life.

5- One should quit smoking, is very harmful to health.

6- A student doesn't study hard enough cannot be successful.

7- They have three sons, all of are living abroad.

8- We are living next to a woman dog barks all the time.

9- This is mount Ararat, on the peak of , there always is snow.

10- We have never met again, is a pity.

11- Confusing topics are well-expressed can be understood.

12- The car, was designed by a foreign company, won the race.

13- Shakespeare, most of plays were adapted to cinema, is still read by many.

14- All the students (wish) to organize a picnic were discouraged when they saw the dark clouds.

15- The questions (ask) in the exam were specially chosen.

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