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English Structure Quizzes: Quiz on Modal Verbs

Fill in the each blank with the most appropriate modal auxiliary.
1. Mary's trip took much longer than we had expected, so she (be) very tired.

2. You (pay) for the drinks. They are served free of charge in honor of the grand opening.

3. I bought a cassette player for my presentation tomorrow, but Celine phoned and reminded me that she wouldn't use hers on my presentation date. As a result I spent my money in vain. Indeed, I (buy) it.

4. Nobody applied for the vacant position and we urgently need a secretary. It's just my fault, I (fire) Helen yesterday.

5. Our television set isn't working. It (damage) before delivery.

6. Selim decided not to join us for the party. He (stay) at the dorm to finish his graduation thesis.

7. This car is in terrible condition - you (have) an accident any time.

8. Karen (live) in our neighborhood. I regularly see her every day.

9. I (take) some cash with me, the restaurant may not accept credit cards.

10. The exam yesterday was very hard, despite this I (get) a passing grade.

11. I am asking if you hold your breath for 5 minutes.

12. You (see) my bother this morning as he has been in England for a year.

13. I rather not go by car if you don't mind.

14. You (worry) about paying your credit card debt. I have already done it.

15. I (phone) you even if I had wanted to do so, because there were no phones at around.

Türkiye Özel

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