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Quiz on The Passive

Fill in the spaces with active-passive structures (Tense + passive / modal + passive)

1. The accounts of this company (check) regularly twice a month by a strict tax expert.

2. We have to appoint someone to the exports branch, and this (do) as soon as possible.

3. Admittedly, little progress (make) in grammar till now, but by the middle of the next year all of the grammar points (deal) with.

4. No one can find an explanation over why Mr. Ertas (kill) last Monday.

5. The fridge isn't working. It (damage) during our move.

6. We were late for the conference. I think that we (inform) well in advance.

7. The tyres are quite muddy, and you can't drive a meeting like that. You (clean) them first.

8. All the goods we purchased yesterdey have defects, so they (send) back to the manufacturer right now.

9. Sam is claimed to (falsify) the accounts of the previous year.

10. Ted (award) a scholarship recently thanks to his success at school.

11. Zeynep was very anxious at the cafe for fear that someone (see) her there.

12. The movie (finish) by the time Bill remembers to turn on the tv.

13. The rival team (beat) easily, but we were just unlucky.

14. The web site TestYourEnglish. Net (receive) a high percentage of impressions every day for the last three months.

15. I (follow) the diet my doctor has prescribed for me, or I will weigh a little heavier.

























Türkiye Özel

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