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Fill in the blanks using English Conjunctions

1- I had gone to bed than I heard the door knock.

2- We had already decided to go skiing it started snowing.

3- Hasan has been living in the dorm he came here 3 years ago.

4- Sema acted she had never seen me up to that time.

5- I couldn't call at you, I was busy finishing my report. (=as)

6- You won't be successful much you study.

7- They can easily find you where you go.

8- We were able to pass. We didn't study hard enough, .

9- Celine went out the heavy rain. (=in spite of)

10- No noise could be heard the walls were very thick. (=as)

11- I always feel secure with you fast you drive.

12- The boy cleaned the car twice; , the boss refused to drive it to the airport.

13- They both are busy, so I think Ahmet George will attend us.

14- All the students prepared hard for their exams they wouldn't spend the summer holiday studying. (=in order that)

15- We can leave you have finished typing. (=because,for,as)

16- The house is very cheap; , it has a nice view. (Clue: Addition > b....)

Türkiye Özel

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