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English Structure Quizzes : Gerund & Infinitive Quiz
Fill in the blanks with gerund infinitive structures.

1- I consider (spend) a month in the Alps.

2- We decided (postpone) the meeting to a later date.

3- Samuel has just finished (take) notes.

4- The boss wants the report on his desk tomorrow morning, so do not forget (complete)      it tonight.

5- We are fond (feed) the ducks in this park. (fond + prep.)

6- As Yasemin has a final exam next Wednesday, she is practising (speak)     English this week.

7- Do you really permit (come) home late?

8- Do you really permit your son (come) home late?

9- Emre accused Osman (steal) his watch.

10- Henry insisted (go) swimming.

11- Does she intend (promote) you to a higher position?

12- We were quite glad (pass) English with A+.

13- Bob will resent (invite) to the party. (negative+passive)

14- All teenagers are used (watch) tv a lot in the USA.

15- Mrs. Clair had great difficulty (find) a well-paid job.

Türkiye Özel

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