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Vocabulary Revision Test -1

Choose the correct answer

1. Many experts emphasize that the positive effects of declining inflation will ..............

A) overcome
B) surpass
C) undermine
D) rectify
E) succeed

2. Dentists strongly suggest brushing teeth using toothpaste to ............. them from decaying.

A) defer
B) protect
C) guard
D) waste
E) condemn

3. He has recently ............ drawing to make himself relaxed.

A) adopted
B) relinquished
C) adjusted
D) benefited
E) progressed

4. Lots of .......... crafts like weaving are slowly being revived.

A) habitual
B) vivid
C) hard
D) proportional
E) traditional

5. I ............ whether our opponent company will make any profit at all.

A) expect
B) claim
C) doubt
D) admit
E) recommend

6. The rise in the prices ............... her to sell her share for a nice profit.

A) achieved
B) annoyed
C) meditated
D) advised
E) facilitated

7. Should that company wish to attract workers, it ought to ........... the pay.

A) lower
B) raise
C) spread
D) rise
E) accrue

8. The kidney transplant operation was .............. complicated, so the operating team had to take special care to ensure its success.

A) slightly
B) nearly
C) immediately
D) extremely
E) probably

9. Before the invention of refrigeration, the ............. of fish and meat must have been a problem.

A) treatment
B) maintenance
C) addition
D) presentation
E) preservation

10. The police finally arrested the ............... criminal.

A) famous
B) renowned
C) respectable
D) notorious
E) temporary


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Q 4:  
Q 5:  
Q 6:  
Q 7:  
Q 8:  
Q 9:  
Türkiye Özel

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