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We use the so-called zero conditional when the result of the condition is always true, like a scientific fact.

Conditional Zero Exercise

In 'zero' conditional sentences, the tense in both parts of the sentence is the simple present:

Below you will find sample sentences along with an explanation, take your time to comprehend the condition.

At we believe that through extensive coverage of English grammar rules & vocabulary exercises, cloze & reading comprehension, our quizzes and tests will be of great help during your learning process.

And for the eventual preparation, writing and passing of your English language exams.

English Tense Exercise


If + simple present

If you heat ice

If it rains


simple present

it melts.

you get wet.

NOTE: The order of the clauses is not fixed - the 'if' clause can be first or second:

In these sentences, the time is now or always and the situation is real and possible. They are used to make statements about the real world, and often refer to general truths, such as scientific facts.

Conditional Zero Examples:

a. If you freeze water, it becomes a solid.
b. Plants die if they don't get enough water.
c. If my husband has a cold, I usually catch it.
d. If public transport is efficient, people stop using their cars.
e. If you mix red and blue, you get purple.

The structure below is often used to give instructions, using the imperative in the main clause:

If Bill phones, tell him to meet me at the cinema.

Ask Pete if you're not sure what to do.












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