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Gerund-Infinitive Patterns:

Verb + Gerund

Verb +Preposition +Gerund

+Adjective +Preposition 

Verb + Infinitive Verb 
+Inifinitive or Gerund
acknowledge adapt to be accustomed to agree attempt
admit adjust to be afraid of aim begin
advise agree (with) on be angry about afford can/can't bear
anticipate  apologize for be ashamed of appear can/can't stand
appreciate approve of be capable of arrange cease
avoid argue about be certain about ask continue
consider ask about be concerned with care forget
defend believe in be critical of  choose go on
defer blame for be discouraged from claim hate
delay care about be enthusiastic about consent like
deny complain about be familiar with dare love
detest consist of be famous for decide neglect
discuss decided on be fond of decline prefer
dislike depend on be glad about demand regret
endure disapprove of be good at deserve propose
enjoy discourage from be happy about desire remember
escape engage in be interested in expect see
excuse forgive for be known for  fail start
feel like give up be nervous about guarantee stop
finish help with be perfect for happen try
go inquire about be proud of hope
imagine insist on be responsible for intend
involve interfere with be sad about know
keep keep on be successful in learn
mention look forward to be suitable for manage
mind (object to) object to be tired of need
miss participate in be tolerant of  offer
need (passive) persist in be upset about plan
omit plan on be used to pledge
postpone prepare for be useful for prepare
practice profit from be worried about pretend
prevent prohibit from promise
quit put off refuse
recall result from resolve
recollect succeed in seem
recommend suffer from tend
regret talk about struggle
resent take part in swear
resist there's no point in volunteer
resume think about wait
risk warn about want
suggest work on wish
tolerate worry about would like
Türkiye Özel

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