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A General Revision Test for TOEFL, TOEIC, FCE, GMAT and IELTS -1
Choose the correct answer!

1. I have quit smoking. I know ....... I smoke, ....... my health will get.

A) more / the most
B) so much / that
C) until / much
D) the more / the worse
E) the less / the fewer

2. Osman finally finished typing the report, and he wishes he ........ how long it ....... .

A) knew / had taken
B) knows / have taken
C) has known / will take
D) had known / would take
E) could know / might take

3. The girls ............ us, otherwise they would have greeted us.

A) didn't see
B) couldn't see
C) hadn't seen
D) would rather not see
E) must not have seen

4. Mike is in great difficulty now as everbody heard him ......... the boss' conduct.

A) to criticize
B) criticizing
C) was criticizing
D) criticized
E) had criticized

5. Ian knows the truth, bacause he ....... Ed to tell about everything.

A) made
B) forces
C) got
D) had
E) has made

6. Because my parents are very protective ....... me, thay won't allow me to come.

A) of
B) for
C) at
D) with
E) on

7. You have violated our deal, you ................. painting the house long ago.

A) could have finished
B) have had to finish
C) must have finished
D) had better finish
E) should have finished

8. China is known ............... greatly in terms of its cultural values over the past five years.

A) to change
B) to be changing
C) changing
D) to have changed
E) having changed

9. I didn't buy the car ................. it completed all the performance tests successfully.

A) however
B) despite
C) therefore
D) besides
E) even though

10. The aviation influenza is ...................... all countries are trying to find a cure for it.

A) a so deadly disease
B) so deadly a disease
C) so a deadly disease
D) a more deadly disease than
E) such deadly that


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Correct Answers: 
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Q 2:  
Q 3:  
Q 4:  
Q 5:  
Q 6:  
Q 7:  
Q 8:  
Q 9:  
Türkiye Özel

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