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Vocabulary Tests
Fill in the gaps using the correct form of the verbs.

think - consider - regard - believe - mean

1. I will certainly your efforts while grading your performance.

2. Ann had been of taking a holiday for long when she got promotion.

3. She that she deserves a holiday as she has worked all year.

4. I didn't to hurt your feelings. Please believe me!

5. Many people death penalty as an out-of-date practice.

realise - recognise - acquaint - appreciate - understand

6. For full and up-to-date performance, we should our recruits with computers.

7. The teacher didn't that students had not understood what he was saying.

8. Very few people really the meaning of fine arts to full extent.

9. Movie stars are easy to even when they wear sun-glasses.

10. I your wish to help me, but I want to do it by myself.

Türkiye Özel

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