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Vocabulary Tests
Fill in the gaps using the correct form of the verbs.

client(s) - customer(s) - guest(s) - visitor(s) - host - tenant(s) - landlord

1. Supermarkets offer discounts to keep their sales steady and their satisfied.

2. A is somebody who rents his/her house to other people.

3. Most of the detective's are rich and famous film directors.

4. It is generally required that pay the rent on time.

5. The showed great intimacy to everybody participating the party.

6. The technology fair will be open to all for five days.

7. The enjoyed themselves because the service at the party was good.

attempt - effort - strength

8. I wasn't able to pass the YDS in my first , but this time I certainly will.

9. To be fully prepared for the KPDS really requires a lot of .

10. Everybody knows that Jessy was given the job on the of her computer skills.

Türkiye Özel

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