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Vocabulary Tests
Fill in the gaps using the correct form of the verbs.

advance - build up - develop - improve - increase - progress

1. According to the statistics, the death rate of children in Africa day by day.

2. My aim is to self esteem and confidence in all of my students.

3. Our firm has a lot and is now among the few outstanding companies.

4. After Jessica spent two years in England, her English remarkably.

5. Few students find Maths a challenging field to in.

6. The scientists have recently a relatively effective vaccine against AIDS.

lower - reduce - drop - fall

7. You should your speed when you are driving in the city.

8. We wanted John to his voice, for the baby was sleeping in the other room.

9. The sales have by 10 percent for the last two months.

10.Walking in the street, Semih suddenly all his books.

Türkiye Özel

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