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Vocabulary Tests
Fill in the gaps using the correct form of the verbs.

mention - refer - express - remark - comment - report

1. The minister refuses to on the new tax legislation.

2. Erhan has been his satisfaction for being selected to the team since yesterday.

3. The teacher didn't about the exam until the last minute.

4. While Mr. Çolak was talking on the improvements, he to the reports.

5. Mike that many people was not able to pay their credit card debts.

6. The sales manager the fall in sales to the general manager.

ensure - insure - confirm - reassure

7. Offices, cars, houses and valuable belongings should be .

8. The organiser me that everything would go as planned.

9. I want to that I have turned all the lights off, so I'm going back.

10. Sue phoned the travel agent to her departure time and seat number.

Türkiye Özel

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